Parenting Courses

Great kids need great parents and with the right tools anyone can be a great parent! If you are looking for practical strategies, inspiration, encouragement and insight then a Toolbox parenting course is for you.

Toolbox parenting courses are a unique and fresh approach to parent education. In an informal, relaxed and friendly environment participants are equipped with practical skills and strategies that can be immediately put to use. Over six sessions key parenting principles are explored and participants are encouraged in their parenting.

The course is facilitated our trained volunteers who are friendly and supportive. They keep each session flowing smoothly and help participants to engage with the material. Each session leaves participants with a range of activities and strategies to try at home.

River of Life Centre runs Toolbox courses for two age groups – Early Years (0-6 yrs) and Middle Years (6-12yrs). The cost of the course is $67.50 per person or $90.00 per couple (incl. GST). There are a limited number of $10 registrations (a savings of up to $70) available for the Toolbox Middle Years course (6-12yr olds) through the River of Life Centre in 2011. To receive a $10 registration or to pre-register for the Early Years or Middle Years course, please ring (09) 299 9394 or Contact Us


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Seniors Programmes

The River of Life Centre’s Seniors Programme provides a broad spectrum of opportunities and experiences specifically designed for “over 60’s”.

Monthly Outings

Monthly outings are run for those over 60 to meet for fun, fellowship, activities and outings. Transportation is provided by Trust volunteers for those who are unable to drive. For further details call (09) 299 9394 or Contact Us.

Date Event Location
May Tip Top Ice Cream Factory Visit Leaving from West Wing Hall
June Mid-Winter Luncheon Papakura RSA
July Film Afternoon West Wing Hall
August Games Afternoon West Wing Hall
September Visit to Auckland Museum and Domain Gardens Leaving from West Wing Hall
October Community Concert in Kaiaua Kaiaua
November Christmas Luncheon Papakura RSA
December Beach Visits Leaving from West Wing Hall
January 2012 Beach Visits Leaving from West Wing Hall
Feb 2012 Overnighter Willow Park Camp

Monthly Rest home Visits

The River of Life Centre values all ages in our communities, from the very young to the very old. However, those in rest homes often feel isolated and excluded. The River of Life Centre believes in developing stronger connections between these older adults and their community can have tremendous benefits for all.

River of Life Centre runs monthly visits to rest homes around the Papakura and Pukekohe areas to give support to the elderly in our community.

To help the Trust with these visits please call (09) 299 9394 or Contact Us.

Seniors Indoor Bowls

Enjoyment of the game and the collegial support from fellow players, along with the skills that last for life makes indoor bowls a valued game for all.

The River of Life Centre runs FREE indoor bowls is run by the Trust every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month in the West Wing Hall, 3 Beach Rd, Papakura.

Transportation is available via Trust volunteers for those who are unable to drive.

For further details, to book transportation or to become a Trust volunteer, please call
(09) 299 9394 or Contact Us.

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River of Life Centre Trust provides affordable professional counselling to the community through the River of Life Counselling Centre. We will respect the needs of any person, regardless of, background. What Counselling is About Counselling is a working relationship that helps you explore and manage what is happening in your life.

The aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life. Each person's needs are different.

Counselling may be concerned with personal development issues, resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict, improving relationships with others … or any other issues which crop up in everyday life.

The counsellor's role is to assist you in ways that respect your values, culture, personal resources and capacity for change.


Contact our counsellor directly by phone on 021 182 0900.

Our counsellor will ask for your contact details, and also for any days and times that might be convenient for you to attend counselling sessions.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the Trust but the request for counselling will be granted in most cases. Our counsellor will contact you to arrange an appointment when space becomes available.

You can also contact us by post, by email, by fax, or by Contact Us. Please remember to include your contact details and the times that suit you best to attend counselling.

What does counselling cost and what can I expect to pay?

The full cost of an hour’s counselling session is around $50, but the River of Life Centre Trust currently has a limited number of FREE sessions available for those on a low income and who are not able to access alternative funding.These will be used on a first come basis for approved clients and River of Life Centre Trust would like to thank Lotteries New Zealand for their generous support in making these available. Couples seeking help for relationship problems can access free counselling by seeking a referral to a counselling agency through the Family Court. They can approach Family Court coordinators themselves or obtain a referral from the Family Court through their lawyer. Children experiencing difficult parental separations may at times receive an order for counselling issued by a Family Court judge. This would then also be funded by the Family Court. You would need to consult your lawyer to have this happen.

Beneficiaries or people on low incomes can access a Disability Allowance through WINZ (Work and Income NZ) to fund counselling. Approach your local WINZ office.

About our Counsellor

Christine has a Diploma of Counselling. Her counselling experience includes helping clients (adults and teenagers) with issues such as relationships and their breakdowns, depression, grief, separation, anger and trauma.


Our address is 3 Beach Road, Papakura

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